Current and Planned Activities

We established and continue to maintain an archive rich with information about Druze in various areas and fields. The archive includes both written and audio-visual materials, some of which will be made available online.
We hold seminars, conferences, discussions, lectures and meetings on issues related to Druze society and to present new research.
We aim to publish a journal that will include new research and proceedings from our seminars and conferences.
Creating forum that can promote Druze-related agenda.

Past Activities

Student Activities
Working with the Druze students in the Student Union, 1989-1990.
1998: Meeting for Druze Graduate Students
2005: Special Event for Eid al-Adha.
Meeting with Prof. Fadel Mansour on the subject of Religious Edicts Facing New Challenges.
Meeting with Mr. Salih al-Sheikh, Supervisor of Druze Education, on the subject of Scholarships and work in Educational Institutions after Graduation.
Scholarships for Druze Students.

Meetings and Lectures:
1995: Meeting with Mr. Zeidan Atashi marking the publication of his book, Druze and Jews in Israel: A Shared Destiny?
1998: Meeting with Mr. Asad Asad, advisor to the Minister of Science.
1999: meeting with Dr. Yusuf Hassan to discuss his PhD, Social Geography of the Druze in Israel.
Meeting with Dr. Sami Sweid, visiting lecturer from UCLA.
Meeting with Prof. Kais Firro to discuss his book The Druze in the Jewish State.
2003: hosting a group of senior citizens from Usifya.
2005: a series of meetings with former officers, businessmen, lawyers, researchers and academics from the Druze community.

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