Seminars and Conferences:
1982: Historical and cultural aspects in the life of the Druze.
1985: Physical planning of the Druze village
1988: Invariant nature reserve and Druze village integrated or opposition?
1990: The Druze and the Jews in Israel.
1993: Druze in the period of national state in the middle east- new perspective
1994: The Druze in Israel.
1995: Economic and Political Integration of the Druze in Israel.
Education and the Development of Industrialization among the
Changes in the Status of Druze Women.
1997: Community organization and spiritual leadership among the Druze.
1999: Social Status of Druze at the Start of the third millennium.
2001 Young Druze researchers present their work:
Dr. Masoud Hamdan: Psychosocial Portraits in Hebrew and Arabic Theater
Dr. Yaakob Halabi: Economic Globalization and the Arab World
2002: Economic Development in Druze Localities
2004: The Druze Community Facing New Challenges Locally and Nationally
2005: Lands, Education, Local Government and Economic Development in Druze Villages
2006: The Druze and the Elections to the 17th Knesset

The Druze in Israel (1989) – proceedings of a conference on historical and cultural aspects in the life of the Druze.

Future Plans
Preparation for the First Druze Congress on Future Development of Druze Society (to be held late 2008.


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